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This week on Going Deep, Grant discusses the 1st round of the NHL playoffs in the Western Conference.

For each series Grant chooses 5 main factors that determined who won the series and who lost.

He starts off the show by discussing the Vancouver Canucks vs the LA Kings.

- The 5 main factors for this series included J. Quick, D. Brown, lack of secondary scoring by the Canucks, vet leadership from the Kings and a player who didn’t even play in the series!

Then discusses the St Louis Blues vs the San Jose Sharks.

- The 5 main factors here were goaltending, an underrated forward, special-teams, the season series, and past clutch performers not showing up for San Jose. Right before the break Grant previews the 2nd round matchup between the St Louis Blues and LA Kings, and gives his prediction on the series.

After the break, Grant explains the 5 main reasons the Phoenix Coyotes eliminated the Chicago Blackhawks.

- Here the keys were: Mike Smith, Shots on goal not mattering, an unequal outcome on suspensions, Chicago’s stars not producing, and not protecting home-ice.

Then how the Nashville Predators were able to dispose of Detroit so quickly.

- The keys to this series were: What home win streak record? Pekka Rinne, the best player in the world that wasn’t in the NHL, Detroit’s depth not showing up, and Nashville getting contributions from everyone!

Finally he previews and predicts what will happen in the series between the Coyotes and Predators!

Next podcast Grant will discuss the Eastern Conference 1st round, and what will happen in the next round as well.

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Enjoy the hockey!