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This week Grant discusses the past few weeks around the NHL which players have been hot and which haven’t. In the 1st half of the show he discusses”

- the Bruins and why they are in a lot worse of shape than most ppl think.

- Leafs & Habs heading closer to potential lottery picks

- Capitals and Panthers struggling to secure playoff spots

- Jets, Sabres and Lightning looking more and more like a legitimate playoff teams while fighting for the 8th spot.

- Penguins being the hottest team in the league

- Phoenix cooling down after a perfect month of February

- Columbus winning 4 in a row & the Sharks collapsing!

- Kings finally starting to score goals & win games

- Stars and Flyers heating up and looking like contenders

- And how the Blues are the best team in the NHL right now!

After the break he discusses the 4 main topics of the week

1) Connor Crisp being one of the stories of the year in hockey! (37:45 minutes-42:15 minutes)

2) Why G. Landeskog should win rookie of the year (42:30 min-47 minutes)

3) Why M. Grabovski is worth every single penny of his contract (47 min-68 minutes)

4) How Don Cherry made himself look like an idiot by attacking Brian Burke, and Toronto for not having Ontario-born players. (68min-82minutes)

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