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This week Grant provides an in-depth preview of each of the 8 playoff series, breaking down all of the matchups and letting you know everything you need to know about each respective matchup.

For each matchup he compares the opponents offensively, defensively and in terms of goaltending, special teams, whether or not home ice advantage will play a factor, and discuss the season series between the 2. After that Grant picks a key to the series, an x-factor and a player to watch for each team.

In the 1st half of the show, the Eastern conference playoff matchups are discussed:

- 1)NYR vs 8 OTT (4 minutes 30 seconds-15 minutes)

- 2)BOS vs 7) WAS (15:00-26:30)

- 3)FLA vs 6) NJ (26:30-36:00)

- 4) PIT vs 5) PHI (36:00-47:00)

After the break, the Western conference is discussed:

- 1) VAN vs 8 LA (47:30-58:00)

- 2) STL vs 7) SJ (58:00-69:20)

- 3) PHX vs 6) CHI (69:20-80:00)

- 4) NAS vs 5) DET (80:00-88:20)

If you want to get ready for the playoffs…this is the podcast for you! Setting you up with everything you need to know for each series.

Feel free to tweet Grant (@TheSportsGrind) and let him know your picks.