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Merry Christmas everyone

This week on 3 & out 
1st down: Why Antonio Brown is not only proving he is the best receiver in the league today, 
                    but could be one of the best all time 

2nd down: The MVP race is over....just hand Cam Newton the award!

3rd down: Why Josh Norman is a legitimate Defensive MVP candidate, and how he has shut 
                    down the leagues best

Bonus 4th down: I discuss the Odell Beckham Jr suspension


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NFL Week 14 3 & out

I am back! 

Has been a long time since I posted a podcast. But let's get right back into it. 
This week I discuss 3 topics 
1) How Odell Beckham Jr has taken the NFL by storm early on in his career
2) The 2 wild card teams that nobody wants to face in the playoffs (one AFC and one NFC)
3) The receiver duo that is currently having the best season so far and isn't getting any credit 

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