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This week on Going Deep, Grant tackles 5 subjects, in a 1 hour 45 minutes College football and NFL special.

These are the 5 subject he will discuss. (Each has the time they occur at in brackets)

1)      Matthew Owens high-school senior had game-winning TD called back for taunting, Grant discusses why he we outraged at this call. (6 minute-23 minute mark)

2)      Heisman Trophy. Discusses all 5 finalists, and why they deserve to be there or don’t.

-          Mathieu, Ball and Richardson (24-45 minutes)

-          Luck, Griffin and honorable mention (45 min- 1hour 13 minutes)

3)      NFL MVP. Why he believes Aaron Rodgers is guaranteed to win it. (1:14 – 1:26)

4)      Will the Green Bay Packers go undefeated? Yes they will! (1:26-1:37)

5)      Rob Gronkowski is having on of the best seasons of all-time for a TE (1:37-1:45)

You could tweet Grant @Thesportsgrind for any suggestions for next week’s show. Thank you for listening!

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