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This week, Grant discusses one subject, and one subject only. That subject is the enigma that is Randy Moss! Moss took the league by storm, and has been the most dominant WR in the NFL since his rookie year in 1998!

Grant gives 4 reasons why Randy Moss is at worst the 2nd best wide receiver of all time!

Reason #1: His STATS speak for themselves.  (8 minute mark)

Reason #2: His NFL records (12-20 minutes)

Reason #3: His ability to step it up on the biggest stages, & dominate from day 1 (20-31 minutes)

Reason #4: He is the only member of both highest scoring offenses in NFL history (31-38 minutes)

In the 2nd half of the show Grant discusses why Moss should not only be the #2 receiver of all time, but should be considered THE BEST receiver of all time.

Grant compares Randy Moss to the GOAT Jerry Rice.

First, he discusses whether or not Moss has an advantage because of the NFL now being much more pass heavy! He checks this out by comparing Moss’s stats to Andre Johnson. (38-45 minutes)

Then discusses whether or not Rice had an unfair advantage because of the great QBs he had in his career. By doing a QB by QB analysis for both Moss and Rice. (45-56 minutes)

Finally, Grant does a comparison between Jerry Rice and Randy Moss  career stats, and also compares them during the prime of each’s career. To settle once and for all who the most dominant WR ever was! (56-72 minutes).

And to end the show there is a mix of Drake's "Headlines" to some of Randy Moss's career highlights!

So listen to all the stats, soak it in, and see which side you end up on. Moss or Rice. Feel free to tweet Grant your thoughts @Thesportsgrind

One thing we could all agree on, is that Randy Moss entertained us and kept us on the edge of our seats  every time he stepped onto the field!

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