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Going Deep: NFL Frenzy

Today, Grant discusses all of the movement going around in the NFL, and updates you on all the trades and signings. He also answers 4 questions:

1)      How much better are the New England Patriots after trading for A. Haynesworth and C. Ochocinco? And Will they regret trading for these 2? (9-30 minutes)

2)      Was Kevin Kolb worth what the Cardinals gave up? & who won the read, the Eagles or the Cardinals? (30- 44 mins)

3)      Reggie Bush is heading to Miami….does this even matter? (44 -59 mins)

4)      Is Santonio Holmes overrated? & is he worth that Huge contract? (59-111 mins)

Grant answers all 4 of these question in-depth. You could fast forward to the question of your choice as the times of each segment are posted next to the question.

Follow Grant’s tweets @thesportsgrind & feel free to send him questions that you would like covered next week!

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Going Deep: NFL is Back!

This week on Going Deep Grant discusses the fact that the NFL is officially back!!!

He discusses the specifics of the new deal that many of you may not know, and how these will affect the future of the League. Also discusses the rumours and news so far, of which players will be cut, and who will be signing where.

Including Hasselback - titans, Jackson - Seahawks, Orton on the trading block, Roy williams/Marion Barber and Leonard Davis being cut, etc.

He will be making another podcast later on this week, as already since this podcast has been done, some more huge news has happened, including Santonio Holmes re-signing with the Jets.

Follow his tweets @thesportsgrind or e-mail him at robinson_84@hotmail.com if you have any comments, or topic you would like covered next week!

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This week, Grant discusses what he believe are the 5 major questions from the Draft, the free agency period, and all the trades that have happened in between in the NHL. The 5 questions he settled on were:

1) Did Brian Burke (Toronto Maple Leafs) screw up by not trading for Mike Richards/Jeff Carter and by not signing anybody on July 1st? or was it the right move to wait things out?

2) What the F*** was Philadelphia thinking?! when they traded away both Carter & Richards, and was it the right move?

3) Did the Sharks give up too much to get Brent Burns? Or was it a good trade for them?

4) Does ownership actually matter in professional sports, when it comes to the on-ice quality, and the outcome of the games? (Buffalo Sabres Pegula as the example)

5) Since when are the Florida Panthers major players in the UFA market?!?!

Grant answers all 5 of these questions in the podcast, if you have any suggestions for questions he should cover next week, feel free to tweet him @thesportsgrind

Thank you for listening to Going Deep

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