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This week Grant goes over all of the 1st round matchups, and discusses what has happened in each series, and what the key moments were.

If you want to hear what he says about your favorite series this is the timing of it, so you could skip ahead

Canucks/Blackhawks : First series discussed, so the 1st 15 minutes

Sharks/Kings: 17 minutes in

Wings/Coyotes: 26 minutes in

Ducks/Preds: 34 minutes in

Capitals/Rangers: 50 minutes in

Flyers/Sabres: 1 hour 3 minutes in

Penguins/Lightning: 1 hour 11 minutes in

Bruins/Habs : 1 hour 22 minutes in

Whatever series you have been watching, Grant has you covered!

Remember to follow him on twitter @thesportsgrind or follow his live-tweets @twitergameweek and to check on the site www.twitergameoftheweek.com!

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This week Grant preview's all 8 NHL playoff matchups. In the East Capitals/Rangers, Flyers/Sabres, Habs/Bruins, Penguins/Lightning and in the West Canucks/Blackhawks, Sharks/Kings, Red Wings/Coyotes, Ducks/Predators!

He gives his picks for each series, and discusses why he believes those teams will win! Feel free to write him @thesportsgrind (personal account) or follow his live tweets @twitergameweek and be sure to check out the site, www.twitergameoftheweek.com!

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