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As it is the week leading up to the trade deadline, there is a ton to talk about on this week's episode.

Grant has his hockey specialist Matthew Fitzgerald (@bigpoppafitz) on, and they discuss everything going on around the league. Including what they thought was the game of the week (Leafs vs Bruins) and other potential GOW candidates, and a goal of the year candidate as well. They then discuss all the major trades that have happened and what they thought of them, including Kaberle, E. Johnson, J. Neal, Versteeg, Kelly, Wheeler, Stuart, etc.

Then finally Grant mentions which players have stood out the most in the past few weeks. Including Johan Hedberg, James Reimer, Rick Nash, Olli Jokinen, Al Montoya, etc...

Let us know what you think of all the trades, feel free to comment below or write Grant at Robinson_84@hotmail.com or on twitter @thesportsgrind

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This week is all hockey talk. I have Matthew Fitzgerald come on to help me discuss what has been going on in the NHL.

We discuss the 2 wildest games of the year, Habs @ Bruins, and Penguins @ Islanders. We talk about all of the mayhem that went on in those games. We also discuss the Penguins injuries, and then finally I discuss who the hottest players and goalies have been the past few weeks. A lot of players have been lighting it up. Enjoy.

Feel free to comment below, or subscribe on Itunes. Also if you have any suggestions for next week's podcast, let me know on twitter @thesportsgrind or e-mail me at robinson_84@hotmail.com

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This is the Going Deep Super Bowl Recap. The 1st part of the show, I go over the game, and all it’s twists & turns. Including clips of all the key plays. I tell you what I believe the turning points were, and help you relive the game.

For the 2nd part of the show (50 minutes in), Tyler Conium (@tylerconium); the host of Anybody Listening; drops by to help look back at the game. We discuss several topics including Aaron Rodgers’ performance, and which other players stood out in the game. We also discuss just how good these Packers could be in the future.

Feel free to leave comments, or subscribe via Itunes (Going Deep, or GrantRobinson). Or write me on twitter @thesportsgrind, or e-mail me at Robinson_84@hotmail.com


 (I obviously do not own the rights to the Clips used in the show. Fox and the NFL own all rights, but this is not for profit)



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This is the 2 hour Super Bowl Special.  In the 1st hour, I recap both the NFC Title Game (GB/Chi) and the AFC Title Game (NYJ/Pitt) . Discuss who the key players were, and break down all the big moments in the game. To show how both teams made it to the SB.

In the 2nd hour, I have Tyler Conium on (www.tylerconium.com .host of Anybody Listening) to help me discuss and analyze the SB. We tackle topics such as whether or not Roethlisberger is overrated, the rise of Aaron Rodgers to QB elite, the recent history of the SB, and obviously give our picks/tell you why we think that team is going to win.

If your looking forward to the Super Bowl, then this is definitely the podcast for you!

Feel free to comment and leave your predictions below, or tweet me @thesportsgrind or e-mail me at Robinson_84@hotmail.com

Who do you think is going to win, and who is your mvp? If you disagree with us let us know! Enjoy the game everyone!

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