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Merry Christmas everyone

This week on 3 & out 
1st down: Why Antonio Brown is not only proving he is the best receiver in the league today, 
                    but could be one of the best all time 

2nd down: The MVP race is over....just hand Cam Newton the award!

3rd down: Why Josh Norman is a legitimate Defensive MVP candidate, and how he has shut 
                    down the leagues best

Bonus 4th down: I discuss the Odell Beckham Jr suspension


I am back! 

Has been a long time since I posted a podcast. But let's get right back into it. 
This week I discuss 3 topics 
1) How Odell Beckham Jr has taken the NFL by storm early on in his career
2) The 2 wild card teams that nobody wants to face in the playoffs (one AFC and one NFC)
3) The receiver duo that is currently having the best season so far and isn't getting any credit 

This week Grant preview the Stanley Cup final between the NJ Devils and the LA Kings. Both teams have thrived off of being the underdogs throughout the playoffs, Grant gives his pick on who will do it one more time and win the Stanley Cup.

Find out why Grant thinks it might not be as big of a mismatch as some people think, and why he believes New Jersey could win it all.

He also discusses how LA was very close to making a few moves that would have completely changed the team and in his opinion wouldn’t have allowed the Kings to reach this point!

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This week on Going Deep, Grant discusses the 1st round of the NHL playoffs in the Western Conference.

For each series Grant chooses 5 main factors that determined who won the series and who lost.

He starts off the show by discussing the Vancouver Canucks vs the LA Kings.

- The 5 main factors for this series included J. Quick, D. Brown, lack of secondary scoring by the Canucks, vet leadership from the Kings and a player who didn’t even play in the series!

Then discusses the St Louis Blues vs the San Jose Sharks.

- The 5 main factors here were goaltending, an underrated forward, special-teams, the season series, and past clutch performers not showing up for San Jose. Right before the break Grant previews the 2nd round matchup between the St Louis Blues and LA Kings, and gives his prediction on the series.

After the break, Grant explains the 5 main reasons the Phoenix Coyotes eliminated the Chicago Blackhawks.

- Here the keys were: Mike Smith, Shots on goal not mattering, an unequal outcome on suspensions, Chicago’s stars not producing, and not protecting home-ice.

Then how the Nashville Predators were able to dispose of Detroit so quickly.

- The keys to this series were: What home win streak record? Pekka Rinne, the best player in the world that wasn’t in the NHL, Detroit’s depth not showing up, and Nashville getting contributions from everyone!

Finally he previews and predicts what will happen in the series between the Coyotes and Predators!

Next podcast Grant will discuss the Eastern Conference 1st round, and what will happen in the next round as well.

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Enjoy the hockey!

This week Grant provides an in-depth preview of each of the 8 playoff series, breaking down all of the matchups and letting you know everything you need to know about each respective matchup.

For each matchup he compares the opponents offensively, defensively and in terms of goaltending, special teams, whether or not home ice advantage will play a factor, and discuss the season series between the 2. After that Grant picks a key to the series, an x-factor and a player to watch for each team.

In the 1st half of the show, the Eastern conference playoff matchups are discussed:

- 1)NYR vs 8 OTT (4 minutes 30 seconds-15 minutes)

- 2)BOS vs 7) WAS (15:00-26:30)

- 3)FLA vs 6) NJ (26:30-36:00)

- 4) PIT vs 5) PHI (36:00-47:00)

After the break, the Western conference is discussed:

- 1) VAN vs 8 LA (47:30-58:00)

- 2) STL vs 7) SJ (58:00-69:20)

- 3) PHX vs 6) CHI (69:20-80:00)

- 4) NAS vs 5) DET (80:00-88:20)

If you want to get ready for the playoffs…this is the podcast for you! Setting you up with everything you need to know for each series.

Feel free to tweet Grant (@TheSportsGrind) and let him know your picks.

This week is the Going Deep: NHL playoff push special. Grant discusses 4 topics this week in depth.

1) Teams who have emerged as Stanley Cup contenders due to their recent play.

- Penguins: 10 wins in a row and why they are the Cup favorites (5 minutes-16:40)

- Flyers: Bryzgalov’s incredible play (16:40-24)

- Stars: One of NHL’s hottest teams, led by Lehtonen (24-27)

- Predators: How the teams depth makes them a legitimate cup threat (27-32:30)

2) Stanley Cup contenders that have faltered as of late.

- Canucks: Struggles of Luongo, the Sedin’s and Kesler. (32:30-37:30)

- Red Wings: Importance of keeping home ice and how they are in danger of losing it. (37:30-41)

- Bruins: Lost 4 in a row due to goaltending struggles, and no secondary scoring (41-47)

- Sharks: Need more from Thronton, Marleau, Pavelski and Couture. (47-50:30)


3) Western Conference Teams fighting for 8th.

- Avalanche: Strong play of Varlamov, Mcginn, Landeskog, etc. (53-59)

- Flames: Iginla, Glenncross & Baertschi carrying the offense (59-64)

- Sharks: (already discussed in prior segment)

- Kings: Struggles of Doughty & Richards. & strong play of Carter/Brown (64-69)

4) Eastern conference teams fighting for 8th.

- Capitals: Discusses Ovechkin, Green, Backstrom & Semin (70-77)

- Sabres: Pominville, Ennis, Vanek, Miller (77-81:30)

- Jets: Pavelec, Wheeler, Kane, Byfuglien. (81:30-86)

- Lightning: Stamkos, Tokarski/Roloson (86-90)

Feel free to tweet Grant any comments or suggestions @TheSportsGrind

Enjoy the hockey!

This week Grant discusses the past few weeks around the NHL which players have been hot and which haven’t. In the 1st half of the show he discusses”

- the Bruins and why they are in a lot worse of shape than most ppl think.

- Leafs & Habs heading closer to potential lottery picks

- Capitals and Panthers struggling to secure playoff spots

- Jets, Sabres and Lightning looking more and more like a legitimate playoff teams while fighting for the 8th spot.

- Penguins being the hottest team in the league

- Phoenix cooling down after a perfect month of February

- Columbus winning 4 in a row & the Sharks collapsing!

- Kings finally starting to score goals & win games

- Stars and Flyers heating up and looking like contenders

- And how the Blues are the best team in the NHL right now!

After the break he discusses the 4 main topics of the week

1) Connor Crisp being one of the stories of the year in hockey! (37:45 minutes-42:15 minutes)

2) Why G. Landeskog should win rookie of the year (42:30 min-47 minutes)

3) Why M. Grabovski is worth every single penny of his contract (47 min-68 minutes)

4) How Don Cherry made himself look like an idiot by attacking Brian Burke, and Toronto for not having Ontario-born players. (68min-82minutes)

Feel free to tweet Grant @Thesportsgrind with any suggestions for next week’s show!

This week is the Going Deep Trade Deadline Special! Grant recaps all of the trades that happened before the deadline, and also discusses what else happened in and around the NHL throughout the past week during the “Headlines”.

He then discusses the 5 main topics of the day

1) The Jeff Carter trade to LA, for Jack Johnson & a 1st. And why he believes the Jackets didn’t get enough for him. (30 minutes-39:30)

2) Steve Downie in the 3 way trade that sent him to Colorado, Quincey to DET, & a 1st rounder to TB. And why he believes the trade should have never happened. (39:30-46)

3) Andrei Kostitsyn being reunited with his brother in Nashville, and whether or not the combination will work. (46-53:30)

4) Hodgson being shipped to Buffalo for Kassian, and why it’s a big risk for the Canucks. (53:30-57:30)

5) The trades we expected that never happened and why they didn’t.

- Rick Nash: why teams were wise to stay away (57:30—61:30)

- Steve Ott & other big names: why they werent moved (61:30-62:30)

- Why Burke was smart to not make a big move for the Leafs, and how the true winners of the deadline were the teams that stayed away from the high prices, and showed self-restraint (62:30…)

If you have any suggestions for next week’s podcast feel free to tweet Grant @TheSportsGrind

Enjoy the show!

This week on Going Deep, Grant discusses all of the headlines in the NHL, and which players or teams have been hot and which have not. Including forwards Malkin, Giroux, Kovalchuk, Spezza, Stamkos, Pacioretty, and goalies Smith, Brodeur, Halak, etc.  After he makes his observations about the past 2 weeks in general around the NHL, Grant focuses on 5 main topics.

1)      Detroit’s NHL record 23 consecutive home wins

2)      The Blackhawks 9 game losing streak

3)      The career of Mats Sundin & why he is a surefire HOF’er

4)      How underrated the STL Blues and both their goaltenders are.

5)      Why Rick Nash might be the most overrated superstar in the NHL

If you have any suggestions for future podcasts or comments feel free to leave them below or tweet Grant (@TheSportsGrind).

Be sure to check back next week for the Trade Deadline special!

This week’s episode of Going Deep is focused solely on the NHL. In the intro Grant comments on what has been going on around the league, and which players and teams are hot and cold. The 5 main subjects of the show are:

1) The record-breaking performance of Sam Gagner (Starts 16 minutes in)

2) Evgeni Malkin being the front-runner for the Hart trophy thus far (24)

3) Ilya Kovalchuk & how he has made the Devils the league’s hottest team (29)

4) Potential trade deadline targets: Grabovski & Nabokov (36)

5) The playoff chances/odds of the Habs & Leafs (45)

Hope you enjoyed the podcast, if you have any comments, suggestions, or topics you would like covered next week, feel free to leave a comment or tweet Grant @TheSportsGrind

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